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parra86rar's News

Posted by parra86rar - 2 weeks ago

Yea, these 3 weeks of vacation have came to an end, which means school starts again (here's still winter btw) but imma try that doesnt affect my activity here and post a drawing everytime i can and not only the weekends, i hope everything goes well on this second semester, im kinda scared but its okay, wish me luck guys, yall are the best!!! 💕💖iu_705480_9090091.png


Posted by parra86rar - 1 month ago

iu_696015_9090091.webpyepyep i also join to steal the funni image that generates funni interaction lmao


Posted by parra86rar - June 25th, 2022

My bday is going to be exactly in a week omg, in July 2nd and im excited for that!! I hope everything goes well to me during this week and nothing terrible happens, but i doubt that

Anyways, have a great day and week dear NG fellas! iu_676997_9090091.png


Posted by parra86rar - April 25th, 2022

Today 1 year ago i created this account and OH MAN! it was one of the best decisions in my life anddd of course i drew something for it!

Now i wanna say that during this year i've met ppl like

@ClunkyDot @JuanHelsing @Emmazapan @Thalib @plagedark @RacKam @MatthewDAR @Stepford @VariableGRMusic and many MANY more that have made better my experience in here in one or another way

I also wanna thank you all for your support and basically being so cool, i appreciate it with all my heart

I wonder what wonderful things will happen from now on, im excited to see if im a near future i'll make some collabs, participate in stuff, ANYTHING! Its judt a matter of time to discover it ;]

Thank you so much Newgrounds for all of this 💖

And with all that said (oh man i almost started to cry) um you can also follow me on my Twitter where im funni sometimes and post random shit doodles lol

Take care my dear fellas and don't forget to keep being awesome! 💕



Posted by parra86rar - February 20th, 2022

So in march i'll have to come back to school (this last months was summer here where i live) and i think i'll be less active and i'll be posting a bit less, probably i'll only be able to post on fridays and weekends but thats just what i think, maybe the things will be different im not sure, anyways, take care guys, remember that yall are awesome 💕


Posted by parra86rar - February 16th, 2022


Just the little dummy with his smol brain


Posted by parra86rar - February 10th, 2022

Heyo, usually i don't do this kind of promoting stuff but well, would u mind to go check DeeDee-Dee-Duuduu77's YT Channel and suscribe to it, maybe there's some stuff u would like (maybe yeah maybe not)

Here a link to it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjLngZztW5j_7TQRtAWYwkg/videos

(Btw im not gonna promote YT channels often so pls i don't wanna wake up with 10 dms askin to promote YT channels lol)


Posted by parra86rar - December 31st, 2021

I wish to y'all a really happy new year, seriously, but also i wanna thank you for everything you gave me here (no, im not leaving or something dw)

i want to thank you for all the support i got in here during this year, i appreciate it so much, thank you for all the awesome people and awesome friends i met here, such as you that are reading this, without any of you, idk where i would be rn

What i want for this next year, is well, keep improving on drawing, meet more awesome fellas, maybe participate on things like collabs or other kind of projects but well, we just have to wait to see what great things can happen

The last thing i have to say is THAT I LOVE Y'ALL AND LETS HOPE THIS 2022 TO BE A GREAT YEAR FOR ALL OF US 💖💕iu_511136_9090091.webp



Posted by parra86rar - October 4th, 2021

199 fans, I never thought I would go that far tbh, thank you, thank you all :33 iu_436666_9090091.webp



Posted by parra86rar - September 23rd, 2021

Yeah, probably for you this isn't big thing cuz he saw the art of everyone, but there's just a little thing, i didn't understood the most part of what he said, so if anyone has enough time to check the stream close to "4:58:00" maybe and tell me what did Krinkels said i would thank you a lot :33